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My Husband Said he Wasn’t Happy

An Unhappy Marriage? This week I got my husband back.Preston told me that he is unhappy in our marriage. He told me in a phone call that came unexpectedly. It felt like a punch in the stomach.​​He also told me that he often says yes to my everyday requests with zero...

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What I Really Want Surprises Me

These 4 goals are shifting my priorities effortlessly. Austin is napping and I have had a rather slow morning sleeping until 11am, playing in the snow, journaling, meditating, and connecting with one of my best friends via Marco Polo. Can't get enough of that...

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Does Every Decision you Make Excite you?

What brings you excitement? I had a revelation the other morning when this question came into my head.What if every decision I make excites me? Really, what if it did?My small-minded thinking immediately said, "Well, that's unrealistic and out there. You can't...

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Do you Shame Other Women?

To all my fellow Americans, I hope you had a delicious, homemade meal yesterday that filled your bellies and left you feeling grateful and slightly stuffed on love.About a year ago, I wrote a blog that I was advised, by someone I trusted, to hold back on submitting to...

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I’m Learning to Trust Myself. Are you?

TRUST: I had an epic experience this week that's left me trusting myself and feeling juicy.A few months ago I was invited to be considered to speak at an event. The event sounded fantastic; bigger audience than I've ever spoken in front of, women's empowerment,...

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What Makes me Feel Spiritually Sideways?

What is keeping you spiritually spent? It's Friday night. I'd rather be watching telly and, in spite of that fact, I'm writing this blog because I know it is the decision that will make me feel at my best. How bad can it be when I have to sit in my "inspirational"...

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