Firstly, I have to tell you, share your life. When you’re ready, share it all. Don’t hold back. If not, you’re missing out.

​​The outpouring I received last week, in particular, as I say bye-bye to Moore Soul Sessions as I know it, has been incredible.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that the love I am receiving is directly correlated to how much love I’m giving.

It’s as simple as this: The more vulnerable I am willing to be, the more joy and connection I experience.

​​I’m growing with you. As you say nice words, or pose interesting questions, or even politely disagree, the more engaged and trusting I feel of myself, my opinions, my writing, this blog, and how much I share. The cycle of giving and receiving is breaking down my barriers and I’m filled with possibility. ​​

The exchanges I have had with so many of you this last week show me how important it is to share your life. By the way, that doesn’t necessarily mean that if something happened yesterday I share it with you today. My blog last week has been brewing since November.

I’ve thought about sharing it every week when I sat down to write. I never felt ready. I felt embarrassed and unsure at the idea of you knowing some of those truths. I didn’t question it. I didn’t judge it. Most importantly, I didn’t force it. I trusted that I was still processing my own experience. When I hit send last week, I felt vulnerable and I was 100% in.

When I am processing my experience, I do not want the opinions or influence of people I don’t know and trust. I have to get right with what the experience means to me and where I go next. If I don’t take that space and let all kinds of people in, by sharing prematurely, I’ll be taken further away from my voice and, ultimately, my path.

I’ll also be super sensitive to anything that feels or sounds like criticism because I am still unsure of myself in this context. When I’m sensitive, I do the opposite of move forward. 

​​I share with my inner circle and, at large, when I’ve figured out what something means to me. This way, I save myself a world of hurt. By the way, at large is anyone beyond your inner circle. It doesn’t have to be a very public blog. It can be acquaintances, colleagues, friends who aren’t super close…you get the gist.

I love how vulnerability opens up my life and my heart. I feel rallied behind, seen, empowered about what’s next, and grateful for my words, and your love for them and me. I’m not missing out on a thing.

You have much to share with everyone you know and meet. When it feels right in your soul, share everything you can about you, and, in doing so, ​​​​​​you change the world.

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Much Love to you in the New Year,
Sarah xxx

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