Letting go and moving on.

I’m letting Moore Soul Sessions die, and I’m so happy about moving on.

Firstly, I love this dramatic statement. I’ve been embracing my drama self.

Secondly, let me explain what that really means.

I began my Coaching journey 5 years ago. Moore Soul Sessions began as Live a Life you Love Coaching Agency where I found coaching clients for fellow coaches, who don’t love to market themselves, and took a cut. Then, because I wasn’t having much success with the agency part, I make a simple shift into becoming a life coaching practice. Preston and I had always had the dream to work together so, after a couple of years of working solo, we changed the name to Moore Soul Sessions and focused on relationships. That didn’t work out so well either, so Moore Soul Sessions became me and it felt really right.

Along the way I honed my skills. I became comfortable coaching 1:1 and taking clients on a journey. I did a lot of networking and built some amazing relationships. I got to the point where I loved speaking rather than feeling sick to my stomach and delivered dozens of talks and keynotes.

I loved building a brand that was beautiful, writing this blog consistently, stopping and starting on Instagram,hiring numerous Virtual Assistants, and putting out my Daily Soul Sessions 5 days a week on Facebook for 18 months.

The lessons and experiences are endless.

And, maybe surprisingly, I’m ready to let go of my business as I know it.

For many years, I have held tightly to the following vision:

I coach a handful of people individually, I lead group programs to leverage my time, I have online courses that sell in my sleep, I speak on stage, I write and have books published, I am location independent, and I travel all over the world. BAM!

I can’t tell you how many times Preston and I have uttered this vision, talked about it, celebrated turning points, cried over it, and wondered if it will ever come true. 

As I was struggling with my lack of progress one day recently, a dear friend said, “Sarah, I’m not sure you know how to let go and let God.” This struck me right between the eyes. My immediate gut thought was, of course I do. That’s what I teach people, and here is all the evidence to prove how well I do it in my own life. I said nothing for a moment, and then “hmmmd” in agreement because something about her words rang true in the depths of my soul. 

With that realization back in November, coupled with a question that resonated deeply, What if I did everything that excited me?, I found myself organically letting go. There was no plan whatsoever, which I love. I stopped doing my Daily Soul Sessions. I kept telling myself, I’ll do it tomorrow and after a few days I realized I didn’t miss doing them. In fact, I was relieved I wasn’t doing them. Then, the interviews dissipated for exactly the same reason. I became less active on social media because the truth is I don’t love doing it.  So the list continued until the only thing I was left with, in my whole coaching business, was my blog. I was slightly shocked and amused because my blog existed before I became a coach and I have always loved to write. It was also the task I dreaded the most, on a weekly basis, and when I stripped everything else away, was the only one I was actually excited about doing.

These decisions weren’t easy. I worried if I was giving up right before it was about to get good; if I was a loser because I wasn’t pushing through and trying harder; if I needed to tough it out and do more; what people will think?; if I’m losing momentum after all this hard work, and many more besides.

Yes, I have a message and I know who I am as coach and woman, and I’m thrilled about all of that.

I’m at the point where my vision feels way more frustrating than it does exciting.

Financially, I haven’t made more than $25,000 in a calendar year. My biggest month was $7,400 and my lowest month was $0. I’ve had many $0 – $500 months.

I’m not complaining. Entrepreneurship is hard. There are no golden tickets. I’m not entitled to anything. I’m grateful for what I have made.

The fact is that, for now, I’ve given this vision everything I want to give.

I have held this vision so tightly that I haven’t allowed it, or myself I’m realizing, to breathe.

The good news is I wouldn’t change a thing. The woman I have become as a result of becoming a coach is extraordinary. I am the woman I dreamed about being. I also have a fantastic skill set to share, and experience that rocks my world. 

Right now, I don’t know where I’m headed and I am fantastic with that. I feel as open as can be. I am applying for jobs, a whole variety, including as a coach within a corporation. 

I do know that I want to make a good income to support our family – more than I have been able to bring in through coaching – and, as a result, I want to give Preston the ability to be home more so that I can spend as much time with him and Austin as possible.

I feel giddy at the idea of not having to strive to meet this vision. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my vision has changed. I know that my decision to let go, while I don’t completely understand it all yet, is already a very important part of my story.

I’ll always be a coach, whether or not it’s in my job title, because it’s who I am. That fact gives me great comfort when I feel unsure.

I’m excited to keep doing everything I’m doing – coaching, writing, speaking – in different ways than I’ve known them, or thought them to be.

While I might seem like I’m making a big shift, I believe it to be smaller than I imagine with a bigger impact than I can imagine.

If you’re struggling in any way, you don’t need to figure anything out because this experience has taught me, you know when you know.​​​​

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Much Love to you in the New Year,
Sarah xxx

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