These 4 goals are shifting my priorities effortlessly.

Austin is napping and I have had a rather slow morning sleeping until 11am, playing in the snow, journaling, meditating, and connecting with one of my best friends via Marco Polo. Can’t get enough of that app. ​​

In last week’s blog I promised you that I would share my 4 most important goals in my life right now.

I can’t emphasize enough how these 4 goals are shaping my perspective and helping me to prioritize all of my decision making.

​​I was surprised by their simplicity and delighted by the soul searching that has ensued.

Here they are:

1. Feel happy and excited about my life
This sounds so obvious and simple. Yet, in recent months, I have felt stressed and frustrated by the process of building Moore Soul Sessions. Because I’m a get-after-it kinda girl, it’s so easy for me to believe that the process is supposed to be hard. I have this belief, to an extent, that my success is going to be meaningful, or, I’m going to feel like I’ve really earned it because I’m really grinding it out. What’s ironic about this is that speaking to a group, or leading the Extravaganza, for example, is really easy for me. Meaning, my zone of genius is really easy, it’s everything else about the business that I make hard.

​​You all know that I’m great at recognizing and attending to my own needs and, still, on a daily basis I don’t always live for me. With this goal, I’m vowing to do that. I desire to let go of the belief that I should live my life in any given way.​​

2. Create balance for me
If you asked me if I experience balance, I would have said yes, without a second thought. I do. I’ve recently realized that there is way more ​​​of it available to me. Primarily, I have realized that the pace at which I do everything is fast. Even when I journal and meditate, there is an element of getting through it to move onto the next thing. I get it. Some days are going to be like that and it’s a blessing to sit down and take time for myself no matter what. All I know is that I want to savor time in ways I haven’t before. To give you an example, last week I allowed myself to listen to a 90 minute podcast while doing nothing else. I savored every word and really learned something from the exchange. It’s a little thing, but it creates big change when I apply that pace to all areas of my life.

3. Be the best Mum I can be
I know I’m a good Mum, but I want to be much better. I am understanding that when I am deep in my Moore Soul Sessions mission, I don’t have nearly as much bandwidth for Austin. Even on the days when I am with him all day, I feel an underlying stress because there are a couple of things I need to do, or, am thinking about. It’s also because I feel worn down and am tired with the stress of work. I am MUCH LESS patient. That’s very much part of my wiring. I can change my behavior, or, change what I’m doing. It also has a lot to do with how I feel about what I’m doing. I spend a lot of time thinking about, and saying, “When is he going to bed?,” or, “This is really hard.” I don’t know what the answer is yet, which is exciting, except that I desire more joy when I’m with Austin.

4. Have as much time with Preston and Austin as possible
They are the two most important people in the world to me. If something was to happen to them tomorrow, I would be absolutely devastated. I want to soak up as much of life with them as possible, and intentionally live in a way that supports that desire.​​​ Preston is the breadwinner and so there is a lot of pressure on him to work a lot and bring home as much money as possible. In order to have Preston around more, I have to bring in more money, and that feels amazing. I am so open to change how I’m working, rather than being stuck to a fixed idea of how I think it should be and feeling frustrated in the process. 

Taking the time to write down these 4 goals has crystallized what’s most important to me and has invited change that I am so ready to address. 

If you’re not sure what’s important in your life, ask yourself, “What is most important to me in my life right now?” I would stick to around 3 or 4 answers because it is a manageable amount and will help you get down to the root.​​
Share your answers below to create a super, juicy discussion and resource for all women.

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Much Love,
Sarah xxx

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