What brings you excitement?

I had a revelation the other morning when this question came into my head.

What if every decision I make excites me?

Really, what if it did?

My small-minded thinking immediately said, “Well, that’s unrealistic and out there. You can’t possibly live a life where everything is exciting.”

Thankfully, I know to question that voice because it usually does me no favors.

I know that not every little task will be exciting. Even if it’s mundane, what if I felt somewhat excited and on board because it contributes to a bigger goal or dream?

​​For example, I don’t love sitting down to pull all my tax information together, but I do feel excited about being financially responsible. Likewise, I don’t love ironing, but I get really excited about my house being in order and a full choice of clothes, hanging neatly in my wardrobe, to play around with.

With this thinking, I believe everything could have a level of excitement to it.

Furthermore, what if the every day, small-moment decisions I make, feel exciting? What kind of life could I live? What kind of joy could I experience?

After all, life is supposed to be exciting.​​

I’ve started playing around with my decisions, big and small, and I’m noticing a difference in how I feel.

​​As I’m writing this, the question almost sounds too simple. Most of us know to be more conscious about our actions, to be and create from a place of inspiration, to put ourselves first, to have fun….

​…​How often do we purposefully cultivate excitement? I’ve discovered that I operate from a place of should, especially with my business because I want to be “successful,” a lot more than I realized.

I recently wrote down my top 4 goals. In other words, what is most important to me right now?​​​​​​ I also wrote down all of the things I actually want to do in my lifetime. Specific and non-specific. Stay tuned for those next week.

My answers enabled me to understand which decisions in my everyday life are most important and exciting. Hint, what’s exciting is what lines up with my goals.

I think it’s high time we operate from excitement. Here’s to you, a wonderful woman who has the power and freedom to make decisions that excite you. That isn’t the case for so many women. Let’s do it for them.
Keep asking yourself the question… What if every decision I make excites me? You can only find more excitement along your way.

Please report back on your experiences so we can all share in the juiciness and gather even more permission to live this way. ​​​​​​Leave your answer below.
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Much Love,
Sarah xxx

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