TRUST: I had an epic experience this week that’s left me trusting myself and feeling juicy.

A few months ago I was invited to be considered to speak at an event. The event sounded fantastic; bigger audience than I’ve ever spoken in front of, women’s empowerment, and interesting women spearheading the effort.

My name would be in the hat as a potential speaker and I would hear back.

While I was in Texas I thought, “Oh, I never heard any more about that event.” It’s so interesting to me, and annoying, that my first thought was, “Oh, maybe they didn’t think I was the right fit.” Not in a pragmatic sort of way. I felt more like a victim. “Poor me, they didn’t like me.” I exaggerate, but you get the point.

No sooner did the thought enter my head than an email landed in my inbox sharing all of the details. Whoah, I love these kind of synchronicities. 

As I began to read the email, I knew the event wasn’t for me. I found myself grimacing rather than smiling at the details. 

Seems like it would be easy to say no then, doesn’t it?

Here’s the deal….I knew in my heart I was a no, but my logic, if it’s anything like yours, is a whole different ball game. Here are some of the ideas it relayed to me:

Why would you give up a perfectly good speaking gig?
What if you’re missing out?
Maybe you should get on the phone with the leadership team and double check your instinct.
What if I’m sabotaging my success?
If I want my business to grow I should take whatever opportunity is placed in my lap.
I’m a loser for not saying yes.
What if someone I know is part of it? Will I be jealous and wish I’d said yes?
Why do you have to not like the details? Why can’t you go with the flow?
You’ve resisted things before and then loved them.
What about new business and connections you might miss out on?​

OH MY GOD……See how our thinking can drive us crazy and cause us not to trust our instinct? When I’m in it, it can be very hard to decipher my truth. That’s why I always need a coach. I hope you have someone impartial to help you figure out your thinking. You deserve that necessity. If not, book an exploratory soul session with me now to learn something important about yourself.

Learn more about trust here. I especially love the I know how to do this section. Click here for another personal story on trust.

I love being an open, curious woman because, while this story is a small example of how I can get stuck and overwhelmed, the challenge of recognizing these moments as opportunities to grow feeds my soul.

So, what happened?

I let these thoughts and feelings sit. I didn’t talk about them, or the event endlessly in the name of trying to figure out what to do. I trusted myself enough to stay quiet. 

​​As my dear friend, Di, always says to me, “It’s just a feeling. Don’t pay it too much attention because just as quickly as it comes, it will go.” This really helps me because I tend to take my feelings way too seriously.

I kept coming back to no.

Finally, I sent an email saying this isn’t the right fit for me​​​​ and I wish you the best for a fantastic event, which I know it will be. The best part? Not only did I trust myself and didn’t “give in” to logic, I didn’t explain myself.


I want to reiterate that I know how to trust myself, as do you. It’s not, Do you trust yourself or don’t you? I’m talking about degrees of trust​​​​ so we wake up to the nuances that are present and able to grow our spirits, if we let them.​​

What idea/thought in this blog resonated with you most? Leave your comment below.

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To Your Amazing Spirit.

Much Love,
Sarah xxx

P.S. If you’re look for support in trusting your instincts and improving your connection to yourself and in your relationships, join the Connecting to my Inner Juicy Woman Group Coaching Program. We begin this Monday, November 20th. It’s going to be one heck of an experience.​

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