What is keeping you spiritually spent?

It’s Friday night. I’d rather be watching telly and, in spite of that fact, I’m writing this blog because I know it is the decision that will make me feel at my best.

How bad can it be when I have to sit in my “inspirational” office, in the comfort of my own home, and type a message I’m passionate about?

I’m grateful to remember that truth this evening because I’m totally susceptible to throwing a mini tantrum about this reality instead. It’s hilarious what I will have a tantrum about. How about you? I’m adding something-to-do-with-tantrums to my creative ideas list. Could be pretty funny and eye opening.

While I was in Texas, I had this pervasive feeling of, “No matter where I go, I take me with me.”

I was looking forward to getting away, taking a break, kicking back​​​​. 

I did take a break and kick back. It was nice not to have to think about work.

​​I also found myself feeling a little, spiritually sideways​. I wasn’t as go-with-the-flow as I can be​, and I found myself pushing through rather than slowing down even though it was for fun things.

It’s easy to ignore my needs in the name of having fun​​, but fun is never as much fun when I do.

For example, I felt really tired on several days, but because I was excited to be out and about, going to our favorite spots, and seeing friends, I pushed through rather than taking a nap. Since Austin takes a nap from 12-2, I also wanted to get up and out in the mornings so that I wasn’t spending half my day at home.

Is this really a big deal? No, of course not. It’s fun to have fun. Would I change anything? Maybe not.

I do know that I didn’t have as much fun as I could have because I wasn’t paying close attention to how I was really feeling.​​​​​​

It became so apparent that even though I’m away, I’m still with me.

In some ways, this feeling surprised me. In the 12 step community I am accustomed to seeing drug addicts or alcoholics think that moving across the country or to a new town will help with their issues. New people, new place, new start….what could go wrong? Inevitably, because they bring themselves with them, it’s just a matter of time before the problem resurfaces.

No matter how much I think I might be getting away, I’m not getting away from me. 

While I had a great time in Texas it became more than apparent that a vacation isn’t a solution by itself. I ​​have to attend to my whole self consistently in order to reap the rewards a vacation has to offer.

What emotional/spiritual need are you avoiding right now? Leave your answer below.
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To Your Magic,
Sarah xxxx​​​​​​​

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