Setting Boundaries with Grace

I am currently in beautiful Texas with Preston’s family. Preston’s sister has a son who is six months older than Austin and we are excited to trick or treat together and spend a week all about family.

Austin has a fat, fluffy, puppy costume for Halloween. Agh, can you imagine?! I promise to share pics.

I had a really cool connection call earlier this week that turned into an impromptu coaching session. We shared a special 45 minutes together. The woman was vulnerable, honest and full of heart, and I was able to offer some insights that struck a chord.

At the end of the conversation, this lovely lady mentioned that she had taken up way more of my time than she had meant to.

I was reminded of how we women are afraid of taking up space and time.

I would love to give every woman the gift of receiving all that she is given without feeling like she is too much.

We naturally talked about coaching and in my follow-up email I found myself writing this line:

Also, I want you to feel clear that you want to work together. I do not want your next step to be out of obligation for our call today. We must be a “hell yes” to our experience together otherwise you won’t get what you’re looking for.

I felt so good about myself after writing this, and sending it. It’s so easy to hit delete when you think you’re being a little forward.

It was evident to me that the inquiry about a next step could have easily come from a place of “taking up too much of my time,” which could also lead to crickets after the email was received because she was never seriously interested in coaching. How many times have we asked about a next step out of obligation or guilt, only to feel resentful or fall silent?  I know I have.

It is for exactly this reason that intention, in every decision we make, is paramount.

These statements set a clear boundary about what type of client I’m looking for, gave her a clear indication of what she needed to feel for this to make sense (i.e. a decision making tool), and it also let her off the hook, if she couldn’t do it for herself, which is always welcomed with open arms.

Just like children crave boundaries to feel safe, so do adults.

When we are clear about our intention, we communicate with clarity, and that makes us feel whole. Not always happy, but whole.

We will be using intention and clarity (as well as so much more) as guideposts in the 7 week group coaching experience that launches on November 6th, 2017. Badda bing, badda boom……Connecting To My Inner Juicy Woman is designed to help you use your voice confidently in any given moment, fall more in love with your husband rather than feeling like roommates, and help you to know what it is you desire from your life. I want to help you feel so full of yourself that life gets even more juicy and joyful.

Check out all the details here and secure your spot if you’re a hell yes 😉

When you think of the word boundary, what is your first thought? Share your response below.

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Love Sarah,

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