Recently somebody I know said to me, “Can I give you some feedback about your Daily Soul Sessions?”

I said, “No, definitely not. I am far too sensitive and overwhelmed with other feelings right now to be open to what you have to say.”​​​​ 

This was, by the way, an appropriate question in the context of the conversation we were having.

I felt really proud of my response.

A few days later, I found someone else telling me that I seemed a little confused about who my ideal client is. As the conversation continued, I said, “Actually, I’d like to stop this conversation in its’ tracks. This isn’t what I came to discuss today and it isn’t helpful to me right now because it makes me feel anything but confident. Also, I’ve never felt so clear about my message.”

The conversation pivoted and we moved into territory that served me. After all, I was hiring this person to help me. I determine what help means to me.

I felt proud of that response, too.

​​​​​​My coach, Cara, paused when I told her about these experiences and said, “Wow, I want to celebrate what you said so much. Can you please make a course about how to do that? I wanna know how to do that. That’s one of your superskills.”

It’s only in her celebration of me that I realized the extent of my courage and strength.

I also love that she said, I wanna know how to do that, too, because it was a great reminder that to be a great coach, you don’t have to know everything and you always learn from your clients.​​

Cara also said something that will stick with me. “Sarah, as your coach, I want to really celebrate you so you feel as confident and vibrant as you can. Also, I don’t think people who are not your ideal client get to comment on whether or not your message is clear.”


To feel celebrated beyond belief to enhance my confidence felt like the biggest gift. After all, celebration only exists within alignment. If I’m around people who are questioning me, which makes me feel insecure and wobbly, guess what? I’m going to come across as insecure and wobbly. Nobody is ever going to understand my mission the way I do because it’s mine. I desire people around me who get it.

That is not to say that I am not open to constructive criticism and feedback. I am. Very much so. I also don’t desire to have a whole bunch of yes people around me.

Someone is always going to think there is something I need to work on. Right now, I love my message and it has never felt so clear to me. Part of being successful is to know when to own that feeling and run with it​,​ as much as it is to know when to ask for help.

I desire to run free with my message, implement my ideas, and utilize the skills I’ve been building over the last six months.

To do that, I’m setting boundaries that protect me from having resentment towards other people, which creates misalignment and drains my creative energy, and ultimately distracts me from the momentum that lives in my heart.

May this story serve to inspire you to say no, and to create as much alignment in your life as you deserve, because you deserve it all.

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With courage,
Sarah xx​​​

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