I had an epiphany about my thighs.

The struggle of having wobbly thighs is real. How many of you can say my thighs shake when I walk? It’s a beast isn’t it? Especially in summer.

Let me tell you a story.

My core human need, according to the Tony Robbins Human Needs test (email me below if you’d like to receive it for free), is growth.

For about the last decade I have had thighs that are more wobbly than I’d like. Recently I realized, if I really wanted smoother, slightly slimmer thighs I’d have them. Why? Because I’m a doer and go-getter by nature and if I really want something I know how to make it happen.

I surrendered to the fact that maybe I’m really ok with my thighs as they are, because lets face it, I’m not doing what I need to do to change them. If I really wanted them to be different I would be doing squats, lunges, or, some kind of 30 day wobbly thigh challenge.

Plus, when I’m sixty, I will really want the wobbly thighs I had when I was 30. I’m already experiencing this with my 18 year old self. Why not enjoy the incredible health I have right now instead of worrying about how to get rid of cellulite fast?

How does growth fit in?

Preston and I have being doing some work in our relationship, peeling back the never ending onion of money. I pulled out Tony’s human needs test to see what our results were. I thought they might put some context around what we are learning about each other in this area. Plus, I also wanted to source the information for my 6 week group coaching program that I am leading right now.

There was one line in the results section that blew me away. It says, “If my need to grow is tied to developing physically, I will do whatever is necessary to stay healthy and fit.” 

To be frank, I had forgotten that my core human need is growth so, firstly, I’m wrapping my head around all the ways I operate that support that need. As I am processing all of this information, witnessing revelation after revelation, I realize that the reason I am not going to the gym as much as I’d like to is because it really isn’t tied to my growth. In fact, I see going to the gym as getting in the way of my growth because it takes precious time away from my work and my little boy. 

Mind blown! I had never seen working out this way before. No longer do I have to beat myself up for simply not going, or, making what seem like excuses and then feeling even more annoyed at myself.

The opportunity is for me to see going to the gym as intrinsic to my growth.

How would I have known that if I hadn’t sought out this resource at my fingertips?

Logically, I know that going to the gym can only help my growth. Emotionally, whole different ballgame. Now the fun begins. How can I retrain my thinking, in a super fun, effortless way to start seeing how the gym can support my growth in every way? Because clearly, when I do that, I’ll have killer thighs and be unstoppable. You know, wonder woman esque!!

This is exactly how a juicy, empowered woman operates. She seeks. She reflects. She’s wowed. She becomes curious about change.

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