You are formally invited to join the party tonight about how to have better sex. I’m so stoked about this.

Tonight, June 14th at 9pm EST/6pm PST, I’m hosting a free, online training, “Life Altering Lessons From a Sex Retreat in Bali.” Register here.

If you aren’t able to make it live, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Register anyway, because the recording will be sent straight to your inbox.

Did you know that the most important part of a healthy sex life is emotional intimacy? We have to learn to be vulnerable so we can let go and open up. In my book, and Brene Brown’s, vulnerability is a superpower.

My 3 top tips inside the bedroom are breathing, taking your time and telling your husband what you like. So much more about these tonight. It’s gonna be so juicy! 

I’ve always felt comfortable talking about sex. It’s always seemed so natural and so fun. I’ve learned some amazing tools over the years and I’m really passionate about opening up the sex conversation. Here in the States, particularly, we use sex as a tool to sell everything and, yet, we shy away from talking about it in everyday life. 

One of the most googled terms is “how to be better in bed for your man.” “How to get better in bed” and “how to sexually attract men” also rated really high. We’re looking these things up in secret rather than talking about them in the open like confident, smart women. We have the power to change the narrative.

I teach women all the time, in private coaching sessions, that sex is a vital component of living a juicy life. It’s also intrinsic to understanding the magic that courses through our veins. It doesn’t mean we need to have swing-from-the-chandelier sex-capades. That sounds like far too much work! It does mean that we figure out how to own our desires, we commit to getting to know our bodies better, and we deploy courage to explore what feels uncomfortable. Couldn’t I be talking about anything here? These are ideas to live by. That’s my point! How we do sex, is how we do life.

Sex is the sizzle. Beneath the surface there is a woman who has real needs, real fears, real dreams….and I’m dedicated to supporting women in feeling so comfortable in their own skin that they feel capable of everything their hearts desire. Sex happens to be a magical component of our complex puzzle.

Putting this webinar together has been a real test of my courage, my strength because it’s a new area for me in terms of content and leadership. When we follow our intuition, magic happens. The response has been incredible. We have over 40 women signed up already. Seriously, I think you’d be crazy to miss out.

Secure your spot for Life Altering Lessons From a Sex Retreat in Bali right here. There’s still plenty of time until tonight.

If this training isn’t calling your name, promise me that you’ll do something to further awaken the Goddess inside of you. I trust you’ll know exactly what that is.

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With so much love,
Sarah xxx

p.s. If you have a question that you’d love to be answered, by me, about work, a relationship, your marriage, a personal struggle, drop me an email at any time ( and I’ll answer it live in ASK THE COACH every Monday morning at 10am EST. No question is off limits.


One of my Daily Soul Session’s from last week is proof of why great sex is so important. It helps us get out of our heads and stop worrying about the small stuff.


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