Here are my 3 Affirmations for a Crappy Day

Do you ever feel like you’re having a crappy day and you’ve got no good reason to feel that way?

Here’s what’s usually true for me:

Nothing about the day is especially crappy. Even if I had a bad day at work or I had an argument with my husband, the following is still true.

What causes me all the trouble is my thinking.

Here are 3 thoughts I have on crappy days and 3 affirmation examples.

1. I’ve come to realize that not every day of my life is going to be amazing. I’m cool with that. I actually want it that way so I can experience the contrast of my feelings. I do want to enjoy the majority of my days, however, and I believe I am, and will. What’s tricky for me are my expectations. Deep down I’m realizing that I have this expectation that something is wrong, or I need to change something if I feel a bit off. Off meaning I’m not feeling peppy, motivated and bubbly like my usual self. Nor am I feeling sad, unmotivated or down. I’m somewhere in the middle.

Logically I know I don’t have to change anything. Emotionally, however, the facts tell a different story. I tend to mope, hope something will change, eat more than usual, feel a bit sorry for myself and talk about how I’m feeling a lot! Also, the term “my usual self” isn’t helpful either because it implies there is only one way to be and limits my emotional range.  

I vow to be ok going slower and ACCEPT myself right where I am and for who I am.

2. I know and teach a lot about mindset and tend to micro-analyze my behaviors and take responsibility where I don’t need to when I’m having a crappy day. What are you an expert at? Are you an accountant and feel like a failure because your bank is overdrawn? Do you sell skincare and feel bad because your skin has pimples? We all beat ourselves up in some way. For me, “normal” doesn’t have to be bad. If I step back and see the bigger picture, I’m still acing being a human. I’m sure you are too. 

I vow to ACCEPT my pace and my reality and see that everything is as it should be. Nothing is wrong.

3. I am responsible for my own happiness. I can’t wait for someone or something to make me feel better and then hope to reap a million rewards. Why not? Because I’ve given away my power and am no longer in control of my outcomes. The only person we can control is ourself.

I vow to acknowledge my desires and show up to them so I can create a life that matters.

See how I just wrote a whole blog post about “normal” being normal? Talk about overthinking. I can’t help but smile.

Even so, I hope this helps you get out of the way of your own thinking and accept your ok as being enough.

When we accept how we’re feeling and then take an action that moves us in a more positive direction we drastically impact our health for the better. Read all the benefits of moving forward and the drawbacks of staying stuck so you can tune into the bigger reality that these affirmations create.

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