There is one thing in the world we are all dying to know and feel consistently….that we’re magical, that we matter, that we are seen, that we are important. That’s four things but, for me, they are all one.

If you haven’t heard this today from yourself or someone else, I’ll tell you…..YOU ARE FREAKIN’ MAGICAL.

Pro tip: Stop waiting for others to affirm your magic and learn how to give it to yourself.

I just sang this line in my new Adele video – included below – where I dance and sing to my own lyrics and it’s my favorite line by far. I know you are magical because you’re you. Because you’re showing up, because you love to love so hard, because you throw a 5 year old tantrum here and there, because you’re singing out of tune and loving life, because, because, because.

Because is not really needed. You’re Magical. End of sentence.

I created Soul Sessions: Your Manifesto which is the 32 lessons that I believe are essential to saying yes to your magic. Download all the lessons and a meditation right here for free.

I hope you are smiling right now. I hope you feel light beams shooting out of you. You’re worthy of such childlike joy. You must feel worthy in order to make the impact you desire to make in the world.

What makes you feel magical?

It’s critical you know the answer to this question. Journal about it, meditate on it. Take time to explore your magic. It’s the best gift you can give yourself.

If you already know, share your comments below.

If you desire to experience your magic to its’ fullest, I would highly recommend buying a ticket for Soul Sessions: The Extravaganza. The day is designed to help you discover what makes you magical so you can have the confidence to pursue your ideas with vigor. Get all the info. and your ticket here. Tickets are only $97 (full price $197) until Thursday, May 11 at 9am EST.

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To your Magic,
Sarah xx

p.s. Here’s my Adele Video

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