Do you spend A LOT of time worrying about what’s going to happen?

Are you constantly what-iffing and micro-managing outcomes? What if I changed the time; what if I figure it out this way; what if I did it this way; what if the baby wakes up……..It’s an endless assault on our entire being.

I used to live this way all the time because I thought, as an intelligent, capable woman, that it was my job to figure things out; to make them happen.

At some point I realized I was spinning in circles, feeling under-productive and over-worked.

I didn’t even know there was another way of being, of doing things. I simply knew my way didn’t feel so great.

I also grew a relationship with trust, with a force at work on this Earth that is much bigger than me. I started to believe in the idea of flow.

I no longer had to figure things out. (This was a gradual journey of letting go and trusting. I didn’t know how to do it. I had to build muscle and experience to show me how it can be lived)

I could get into alignment with what felt right for me and let everything else unfold.

My Daily Soul Session from last week illustrates this point perfectly. Watch the lesson below about Austin, a scheduled call and coming together as a family in the most perfect way. A way I could have never scripted even if I had the power to orchestrate the most perfect outcome.

I have learned that perfect isn’t usually what I had envisaged.

It’s an outcome that surprises me, that nudges me closer to a lesson I’m desiring to learn.

The outcome is perfect because I’m open.

If I expect a situation to turn out a certain way, I might be delighted and I’m more likely to be really disappointed. If I’m fixed on an outcome, there are only limited paths to success. If I’m open, the way I can experience success is limitless.

What outcome are you micro-managing and worrying about right now? How would you benefit from doing what you can and then trusting it will work out perfectly?

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Love and Trust,

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