I did not vote for Trump and, this morning, I feel excitement in my heart.

I did not vote for Hillary and, this morning, I feel for a woman who is devastated, and must find the immense courage to rise.

I do not believe that either candidate represented the potential of this great country and that is why I did not vote for either.

I couldn’t vote for Hillary because she was the better of two bad candidates. That, for me, would have been a vote based in fear. I try not to make any decision that way. 

I did not vote for Hillary because Trump, after all his wild comments, dug his own grave and had no chance of winning. That, too, would have been a vote out of fear. A vote because she’s gonna win anyway.

While waiting for my decaf, soy latte at Starbs, as Preston and I affectionately call it, a young woman with her daughter started to cry when greeted by a friend because she couldn’t believe her woman lost.

I felt uncomfortable at her outburst.

Then I felt compassion for a woman who felt betrayed, hurt, let down. I feel all those emotions often, and the last thing I want to feel is wrong.

I was turned-off by a Starbucks employee who was spewing hatred, dropping f-bombs in her green apron, about a friend’s candidate choice. I felt she was letting-down the company she worked for. I didn’t feel much compassion towards here even though I wanted to. 

I am also turned-off by women I know and love who are outraged and hateful towards Trump. They have every right to share their feelings, Minority communities of all kinds face great uncertainty and I have no idea what that feels like. Many seek to come together in community to mourn, and my hope is that they seek to heal rather than endlessly commiserate, and hate on Trump. True sisterhood is about deep honesty, evolution and love, and that isn’t always easy or pretty. Wine, pajamas and vision boards are not the heartbeat of sisterhood.

I have no wish to come together and mourn, because Hillary never had my heart.

It feels vulnerable to share #imNOTwithher when so many are. So many that I respect and love.

This next question is really on my heart.

How, as women, do we evolve when so many of us are sharing so much hate, the very hate they cannot abide in Trump?  I know this isn’t true for every woman who is deeply sad about Hillary’s loss, but it’s true for a significant population that are influencing what comes next. Like energy attracts like energy. It’s a fact.

When we are triggered by someone, it’s because they are showing us something in ourselves that we seek to heal. 

There are no exceptions to this. EVER. 

As Panache Desai says in his Good Life Project interview with Jonathan Fields, “We have to embrace our inner Trump and our inner Hillary.”

What I like and dislike about Hillary is inside of me.

What I like and dislike about Donald is inside of me.

The only way to heal and move forward is through Love. Being open enough to explore all parts of myself, all parts of each candidate. After all, as humans, we are so much more alike than we are different.

What you resist persists. The more you hate Donald, or, reject embracing your inner D, the more evidence exists of your need to heal. The more you hate Donald, the more you are creating hate in the world. In my opinion, you are part of the problem.

I have been part of the problem, too. I have disliked both candidates, I have called this election, this country embarrassing, I have bashed Hillary as a woman.

With the help of some amazing women who help me rise, not commiserate with me, I have been shown a different way to feel, a different way to move forward.

I believe Donald will be softer, more reasonable in his Presidency and his policy-making than he has been in the election. I don’t have any evidence to back that up, but I really believe my intuition.

I think he is going to be more fair and reasonable than people give him credit for, and I believe the Presidency will show him the value of both.

America has been clamoring for change for many years. Legalizing marijuana, gay marriage, first Female President candidate, first Black President…..

WELCOME CHANGE! Guess what? We wanted it and here it is. I am hopeful and grateful that, under Trump, Washington cannot go on as usual. I believe that’s the reason he won. His racial and gender attacks cancelled out the ethical violations of Hillary. This fact was grossly underestimated hence the completely mis-guided polls who had Hillary winning by a landslide. The clamor for radical change in government was his Trump card.

Donald, I send you love.

Hillary, I send you love.

Thank you for an exciting election.

Donald, now is your time and I am with you because I am with America.

Love you Lots,

Sarah xxx

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