Are you feeling alive, vibrant, in love with your life right this second?

So in love you could bust a move, around your kitchen, to your very own rendition of your song of the summer? (One of mine is Tay Tay’s Bad Blood)

If you aren’t jumping around the kitchen for joy, why not?

What needs to change, right now, so you are living life on your terms?

Adventure and Fun is a core element of my How to Live Turned On model that I teach my clients.

Some people say life is short. I believe life is actually quite long so all the more reason to get busy living and make it count.

There’s always tomorrow, but now has already gone.

Since I can trust you lovelies with anything, here’s a little inside fact.

One of my most favorite things to do that is super fun and brings out my adventurous and creative side is doing any decorating project around the house. Whether I’m picking out new cushions, rearranging accessories in my bedroom, planning my next reno project (think relocating my office with fantastic barn doors as a statement piece and a gorgeous pink sofa), scouring a flea market for my next bargain, reading Country Living cover to cover, or, talking to my Mum for endless hours about my slew of design ideas, I’m pretty much in heaven.

I do it in my sleep.

I do it so I can avoid working.

I smile so big every time I walk past my latest handy work.

I love that almost everything in my home has a story.

I love welcoming friends and family into a space that is a reflection of me.

My home is so close to my heart and a place I love to spend time. I literally can’t imagine my life without my style aesthetic. I would be so devoid of adventure, devoid of life.

I wouldn’t be lifeless, but my tank would be running on a lot less.

What do you love to do for fun that brings out your adventurous, wild spirit?

How can you deliberately cultivate that thing?

Maybe you simply need to acknowledge it and realize that every time you do it, you are actively nurturing a life that is full and fabulous.

Share your thing below. I can’t wait to hear what moves you closer to vibrancy.

To feeling revved up…

Sarah xx

p.s. I advertised that I am opening up 3 private coaching spots for July only. I have just 1 left. If you’ve been interested in coaching and haven’t yet said yes, now might be the time. Email me at to claim your spot.

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